Jewels of Change

JewelsIn this paradoxical three-part novel built on dreams, illusions, and reality, Joseph Prigione—whose name means prison in Italian—journeys to free himself from an existence of endless cells. A disruptive family and a brother’s death create the nighttime journey of part one.

But the disappearance of his wife, Victoria, and a dream of a beautiful woman in white lure Joseph to seek the origins of his relationship with Victoria before they were married. What ensues is an erotic fairy tale of passion and humor beginning in the Ironbound section of Newark and ending in a seaside New Jersey town where sex and power amount to disillusion. The couple is swept away to India and to a Tibetan monastery where special monks teach humorous lessons and shed light on Joseph’s unresolved past while giving Victoria a new path. Is there an island of peace where the face of love kisses the face of terror?

Victoria’s dream sweeps them into the truth of a once-fabled land where light and humor take them, not to the end, but to a pause—a book of death, life, and spirit. Jewels of Change tells the story of all of us who are prisoners of existence.